• Meet the Students!

    A few of CCCS' stellar standout students!

    Eric Scutella


    Eric knows very few students on his first day at a school he doesn’t want to attend. He harbors slight resentment at his parents for making him go to CCCS. Eric is smart, a bit brazen and slightly rebellious, but when push comes to shove he will usually fall in line, as he fears what his overbearing mother might do if he really got into trouble.

    Katrina Savelli


    Katrina Savelli, the future valedictorian, Katrina buys into the ‘Charter Experience’ rather early on, and is an important relationship for Eric to slowly accept the school in all its quirky glory. Over time, her and Eric forge a friendship that is stronger than any other Eric will have during his time at the school. Katrina is a complete A-personality type, complete with the uber-friendly smile and perky attitude.

    Kacey Wilde


    Eric’s ex-junior high girlfriend and the only person he really knows in his freshman class. Kacey is someone who is unfiltered around her friends but very proper around teachers and people she isn’t familiar with. Beneath a small layer of insecurity which occasionally manifests itself as ‘bitchy’, lies a thoughtful and empathetic individual.

    Cory Gregory


    Cory Gregory, a brilliant mind hiding behind the class clown persona Corey loves. The inappropriate comment blurted without thought? That’s Corey. Being a man-sized freshman boy, Corey is a multi-sport athlete for the school, which only adds to his popularity. His ego is gigantic, his vocabulary is filthy, and he isn’t nice per-say, but Corey is definitely always ‘keeping it real.’

    Jack Moffat


    Jack Moffat, Cory’s left hand man who is known for his infectious laugh. And he laughs at everything. Besides being Corey’s main audience, Moffat’s cackles have been known to make the whole class start laughing just because he is.

    Biff Bannon


    Biff Bannon, who is not only the school’s star multi-sport athlete, but because he is Principal Fairchild’s nephew, he also has lay of the land to pull pranks, mess with underclassman and generally do whatever he pleases as no teacher wants to bother with reporting him to his Uncle.

    Liz Harris


    Liz Harris, the quiet, shy and smart girl who Eric meets in his 5th period math class becomes a large part of his time at CCCS. While their relationship goes through hot and cold periods, at the heart of it remains a true capability. Even though she is quiet, Liz can destroy you verbally if you make her mad enough. She doesn’t get walked on.