• Meet the Staff!

    A few of CCCS' stellar standout staff!

    Ian "the Colonel" Fairchild

    founder and principal

    Congress Creek's Principal and founders, Ian “the Colonel” Fairchild is an ex-military, ex-football coach who espouses the ‘founding father’s’ principals of self-reliance and freedom on a daily basis. Even though his school is governed unconventionally, an old-fashioned ethics code coupled with the ‘Libertarian ideal’ of allowing his teachers to teach the curriculum in any way they see fit, the strange brew somehow has created one of best schools in the county.

    Jessica Graham

    Freshman english

    Jessica Graham wasn’t entirely sure of her career choice as a teacher after having left nursing school, and her first day at Congress Creek is a roller coaster, to say the least. But, Jessica’s raw and biting charm and ‘Eagle Scout’ attitude (yes, she was the first female Eagle Scout, before they allowed girls in) enables her to overcome any obstacle she faces.

    Jay Heard


    Mr. Heard is a no nonsense teacher when dealing with students and even though his big personality can sometimes frighten the freshman, once students come to realize he treats them as young adults rather than children, he becomes one of their favorite teachers. Jay quickly becomes a friend and confidant of Jessica’s on her first day of school, partially bonding over their mutual sense of a biting dry wit and a strong dislike of Ms. Boxwood-Smythe.

    Lindsey Boxwood-Smythe

    Head of english department

    The “veteran” teacher Ms. Boxwood-Smythe (as in someone who has taught for 10 years but only at CCCS) who is the self-proclaimed English “department chair.” She copies quizzes out of Spark Notes, makes students play awkward ice-breaker games all with a very perky but classical attitude. The students sense her discomfort, but are generally kind to her once learning of her fragile emotions, after all, no one wants to see their teacher cry.

    George Herrera


    Mr. Herrera, a true genius and teacher of Calculus, French, and Spanish at CCCS (even though he has a Master’s in biology), Mr. Herrera is constantly pranking fellow staff members, students and sometimes the entire school itself, but his incredibly dry wit can often make it hard to tell prank from reality.

    George Throckmorton

    applied sciences

    The eccentric teacher/script writer George Throckmorton, who has lobbied for and received permission to produce his own dinner theater productions in the school’s auditorium is supposedly the schools sciences teacher. Several times a year, a quite amateurish production of “Singing in the Rain” or “Hello, Dolly” is staged. Lately, he’s been doing musical theater editions of the superhero movies with “improved dialogue and characterization.” He secretly sends invitations to Hollywood movers and shakers and sends burned DVD’s of his productions to Spielberg and Scorsese.

    Oliver Salisbury

    ap literature

    Mr. Salisbury, the only true veteran teacher on the staff, Oliver took the job as his marriage dissolved and his dreams became smaller. To his intimates, which are few, he confesses that his goal is to be on his porch drinking a gin and tonic by 3:15 every day. Jessica and Oliver have neighboring rooms and develop a mentor-mentee relationship.